Happy Halloween [RP with hey-there-snowflake]

Eve floated above the trees, watching a the red and orange leaves drift in the wind as they were blown off the branches. Laying on her broom, she let out a sigh, things get pretty boring when you can only be seen one day of the year, but at least Halloween was inching closer and closer. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind came by, sending her toppling forward. She struggled a bit to steady her broom and even then she was hanging on it upside-down. The air was colder than usual and it only meant one thing. “Jack Frost” she muttered with a hint of annoyance. She never met the guy, but there were times where he made it snow earlier than it was supposed to, so at the moment, her impression of him held a rather negative connotation. Doing a quick loop in the air and back on her broom right-side-up, she flew forward to hunt down the mischievous winter spirit.

“Woohoo!” Jack grinned, diving through the crisp air and leaving a wave of frost dusting the streets and trees below him. A light flurry of snow began to blanket the town and Jack paused high in the clouds, admiring his work with a cocky grin.

“This’ll be a cold Halloween.”

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Eve halted and hovered in the air as she saw little flurries floating down from the sky and starting to blanket the ground. “Oh no, not this close to Halloween!” She shouted, diving down until she was flying just over the ground, following the snow as the layers got thicker. It didn’t take long until she found him, Jack Frost. “Hey!” she exclaimed, hopping off her broom and marching over to him, her lips pursed in a firm line. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

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    "Preying on me?" Eve let out a little snort at such a ridiculous notion. "No no no, He’s not preying on me, I refuse to...
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    “Pitch? What happened?” North frowned, the Yetis standing at attention. “He’s preying on our own little Eve, here.” Jack...